Amazing Things for You to learn

This is no ordinary Salsa Festival.

Salsa, in its depth and intricacy, is more than mere counts. From the rhythms of Son Montuno to the beats of Mambo/Salsa and the dance styles of Son and Palladium Mambo On2, right through to the contemporary New York On2 – whether your preference is On1 or On2, this weekend is set to revolutionise your dance journey.

We have assembled a line-up of prominent dancers and musicians. They’ll be conducting workshops accompanied by live percussion, piano, and bass, all aimed at deepening your grasp of rhythms, timing, and musicality.

In these workshop we will get to focus on the connection with music and dance gaining better understanding of the various rhythms involved, spending 20 hours over 2 days:

  • Mambo (Salsa)
  • Son (Contra-Tiempo)
  • Musicality

Take this opportunity to be a part of this learning experience.

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Full Weekend Pass: £107

Saturday Day-Night Pass £80

Sunday Day-Matinee Pass £70

Friday Party Night £25

Saturday Party Night £25

Sunday Party Night £20

Radisson Blu, Edwardian Hotel

Bath Road, Heathrow