Bersy Cortez

Bersy Cortez was born in Caracas,  Venezuela – Which is one of the main salsa capitals in the world.  At the age of 10, Bersy began her studies in the world of salsa and dance in general.

At 14 years old she began to teach choreography in an amateur dance company. Within 2 years she became the principal dancer for the most prestigious salsa company in Venezuela “Imagen Latina”.  Through this company, she was given the opportunity to travel all over the world. 

Bersy moved to Spain at the age of 20, which is where she currently resides.  She owns and operates her dance company, Bersy Style and African Mambo As Director and choreographer, her group has continued to travel globally making appearances at the top salsa congresses.

Bersy has danced for many world renowned salsa singers,  such as Oscar D’Leon, El Gran Combo, 
Cheo Feliciano, Adalberto Santiago and La Sonora Ponceña among many others.
In addition, she has worked closely with the best dancers in the world,  including the master of the masters, Eddie Torres.

Aside from salsa, Bersy’s talent also Includes acting. 
She has starred in several television commercials worldwide. 

Actually , Bersy represents one of the most important figures in the world of salsa!  
She is not only one of the strongest women in the salsa scene, she is also a true leader. Her passion for dance and her support for many women around the world makes her even more special.  The world of salsa truly loves and appreciates Bersy Cortez!