Mambo City

Established in 1999

Robert & Jean White

MamboCity was founded by Robert and Jean White in August 1999, they both started dancing in 1992 and gained seven years of dance experience before going on to teach and establishing themselves as instructors/promoters, gaining a reputation for running great events.

Our first Salsa experience, was at a night club in Toronto Canada called Berlins where the Salsa night was hosted by Josie Neglia, it wasn’t until we returned to London that we decided to take lessons in 1992, with the first generation of UK Instructors Xihomara Granados, Nelson Batiste, Ramiro Zapata and Zina. We were first introduced to cross body style dancing by Pedro Gomez and have since gone on to learn different styles from such salsa luminaries as Eddie Torres, Nelson Flores (Descarga Latina), Tomas Guerrero (SantoRico), Frankie Martínez and many others. Owing to these influences, we have experienced styles ranging from Columbian and Cuban Salsa, to the Cross Body styles “On 1″ / “On 2″ and Cha Cha Cha.

They went on to run a number of festivals around the UK and abroad.

Festivals in the UK:
5 Star Salsa Congress London: Since 2003 ( 17th Year)
Salsa Splash @Hayling Island: From 2003 to 2013
Mambo Con Son London: 2019, (2nd Year)


Collaborations with other partners: 
Sexy Sensual Latin Dance London: From 2010 to 2018

Motion City  Birmingham: From 2013,  (7th Year)
Love Like London: From 2013,  (7th Year)
Zoukfest London: From 2013, (7th Year)

Dance Holidays Abroad:
Salsa Splash Spain: From 2007, (14th Year)
Kizomba Sunrise, Portugal: From 2018,
Cuba Dance Holidays: from 2003

We look forward to meeting you.

Robert & Jean


To provide easy access to quality workshops which helps to take our dancing to the next level, and inspire future generations of dancers….


To connect music and dance, by bridging the gap between dancers and musicians….